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4 Ways SSA's Can Make Planning Smooth

Posted by Kevin Allender on Aug 9, 2018 11:15:56 AM

 Before becoming the Director of the Customer Success Team, I spent 12 years as a Medicaid Manager for Clark County Board of DD. In my role, I monitored and assisted in the management of the county’s budget.  Throughout my time in the position, it became clear when SSA’s took certain steps service planning processes ran smoothly. When they took those steps, they protected the individuals we served from an interruption in services. I’ve listed four steps SSA’s can take to make service planning smoother.

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3 Questions For the Director of Billing Services.

Posted by Jessica Garrett on May 16, 2018 12:04:17 PM

cara 2

 Meet Cara Lloyd, Billing Director.

Prior to joining the Primary Solutions team, Cara spent 16 years as a provider. As the director of a provider agency in Central Ohio, Cara developed her skills in services delivery, staff management and effective leadership of the organization. Now She supervises a robust team at Primary Solutions.

After leading a team of 28 Billing Coordinators and Claims Management Specialist that process billing and track claims for over 220 agencies and independent providers. Cara has gained immense insight into the complex billing process. We asked Cara's perspective on a few items that could help provider organizations thrive. Hear from Cara as she expands on her experience as she answers the "3 Questions for the Billing Director." 

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