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Longevity Add-On: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jessica Garrett on May 22, 2018 1:28:22 PM

In November 2017, our team at Primary Solutions was asked to participate in a Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) work group to discuss the impact of the Longevity Add-On. Using that information and memos from DODD, here is some important information we want to highlight for your benefit.

What services are impacted by the add-on?

The add-on is only applicable for (HPC) services, not including on-site or on-call. DODD has approved at least 16 new billing codes for agencies. Q, meaning “qualified,” has been substituted into the existing billing codes that will be used for the add-on. 

Here are the new billing codes:

  • AQC - HPC - Routine - I/O - Add-On
  • EQC - HPC - Routine - EA - Add-On
  • FQC - HPC - Routine - L1 -  Add-On
  • AQW - HPC - Routine - I/O - Add-On 
  • EQW - HPC - Routine - EA -  Add-On
  • FQW - HPC - Routine - L1 -   Add-On 
  • AQX - HPC - Routine - I/O - Add-On 
  • EQX - HPC - Routine - EA -  Add-On 
  • FQX - HPC - Routine - L1 -  Add-On 
  • AQY - HPC - Routine - I/O -  Add-On 
  • EQY - HPC - Routine - EA -  Add-On 
  • FQY - HPC - Routine - L1 - Add-On 
  • AQZ - HPC - Routine - I/O -  Add-On 
  • EQZ - HPC - Routine - EA -  Add-On 
  • FQZ - HPC - Routine - L1 -  Add-On 
  • AQL -HPC - Routine - Daily Unit - Add-On

How can our team help you handle these changes?


Our team is currently making changes to Advisor’s Billing and Single-Entry modules so that both billing and payroll can be calculated correctly after this add-on goes into effect. In the process of making updates to Advisor, we've become aware of how unique this add-on is compared to those we’ve seen in the past. 

Billing Services

Our Billing team will be able to submit and monitor billing that includes the add-on. Customers may see some changes to the billing submission forms. As the effective date gets closer, we'll be sharing more detailed information about changes in process.

What’s the status of a rule approval? 

Per DODD's memo, the rule has been approved! The effective date for this add-on rate is July 1, 2018.

How do direct care staff qualify?

DODD's memo states that an employee must possess:

  • At least two years of experience in providing direct support to people with developmental disabilities AND
  • Completion of 60 hours of applicable training

As an agency, what are my responsibilities? 

Direct support professionals will provide their employer with certificates as proof of successfully completing 60 hours of training. Employers will review a transcript of completed courses or course certificates and verify two years of work experience. The employer can then bill for that direct care provider's hours of HPC using a billing code that will reimburse the provider at a higher rate. Agency providers will be required to maintain verification of each direct support professional's related experience and training for whom the add-on is billed. Maintaining the training documentation can be completed in the Employee Module of Advisor.

How do I access the approved training?

To encourage Direct Support Professionals to complete this training, DODD is providing access to a catalog with more than 60 hours of free web-based training applicable for the add-on rate. This training can be accessed at DODD.OHIO.GOV/Training


Our goal at Primary Solutions is to monitor and track changes made by DODD to ensure our customers are aware of the impacts to their organization. 

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