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The Importance of Community Integration Metrics

Posted by Jessica Garrett on Aug 31, 2018 9:16:28 AM

It is no secret that providers are being asked to make significant changes to their service models. Not only are we experiencing a change in expectations from governing bodies at the federal and state level, we're also being asked to provide different services by the people we serve. Changing longstanding models can seem like a daunting task with no clear place to start.


"Measuring What Matters"

Providers who are creating and following best practices are measuring what matters. Using data to aid in system transformation gives providers a clear view of where they are today and helps formulate plans of where they want to be in the future. 

At times, the big-hearted, person-centered social service industry can seem at odds with the cold hard facts of data. When used strategically, data has the power to transform services in remarkable ways.

We partnered with providers who were taking an innovative approach to measuring what matters. By employing useful tools available in software provided by the Primary Solutions team, providers can use and manage data in a more effective, organized way.


What is Community Integration Metrics?

Community Integration Metrics is a tool available in the Outcomes and Services Module of Advisor. In short, staff are able to document how individuals are spending their time while receiving services from the organization.

Organizations can customize different integration levels they wish to track. For example, some of the metrics the tool breaks down include:

          1. Facility: activities conducted in a facility
          2. Classes: classes provided at facility
          3. Food, Fun & Shopping: recreational outings in the community
          4. Volunteer: group volunteer experience at a community location
          5. Community Role: individualized role in a community organization

With this information, reports can then be generated to show the results on the individual, employee and organizational level. 

To explore the ways that Community Integration Metrics can help your organization, contact Primary Solutions today.

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