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An Introduction to Electronic Visit Verification

Posted by Jessica Garrett on Aug 12, 2018 5:02:04 PM

We started hearing about Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) earlier this year when the first phase rolled out to specific sections of Medicaid providers in January 2018. We know this is a significant change in how you do business. We are committed to making the transition to EVV as simple and integrated with the Advisor system, as possible.



EVV is an electronic system that captures the start and end times of a service and the GPS location of the provider at that time. Center For Medicaid Services (CMS) established the EVV requirements for all states in accordance with the 21st Century CURES Act. The goals are to decrease billing errors and ensure quality of services. 

Originally Ohio Department of Medicaid was going to require the individual or guardian to record an electronic signature or voice recording to verify that HPC services were provided. After reviewing provider feedback this requirement has since been removed from the implementation plans. 


2 evvThis will impact both agencies and independent providers who provide Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC) Services funded by the Level One, Individual Options or the SELF Waiver.

The latest information we have from the DODD & CMS workgroup meeting held on March 21st, 2018, says that Day Services and DRA sites will not be subject to verification.


3 eVV

We are in the initial phases of making Advisor & Advisor Anywhere an alternate EVV system. Together, these systems already meet many of the requirements including: 

  • Assigning unique identifiers for each user.
  • Using mobile GPS technology to collect GPS coordinates.
  • Allowing providers to make manual entries & edits.
  • Ability to share & store data for up to 6 years.

Requirements that will need developed include:

  • Integration & sharing with Sandata's system. 
  • Collection of reason codes when a manual entry is made.


4 evvOhio Department of Medicaid, in partnership with DODD has recognized the time needed to ensure development, testing and the impact for all stakeholders. ODM has agreed to postpone the Phase 2 service process. Allowing providers to a delayed date of August 5, 2019. More information about this change can be found here


Capture88Providers should have received information about EVV through email. If you have not received communication you will want to check you email in the MITS application on DODD's Data Warehouse. In case you missed it, here is the preparation memo that came out from the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Please not that the implementation date has changed, so this time line will be extended to August 5th.

We will be guiding out customers through the process to use an alternative device like Advisor Anywhere. As we have more information, we will share it with you. 



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